What Is A Cover Band?

The activity of a cover band hire is all about hiring a live music band that plays cover songs. That is, the cover band generally sings the newer versions of the old hit songs or songs which are already very popular amongst people.

So we can say that a cover band hire means you hire a cover band to play the cover music, cover versions for your party. Cover music in general terms are called covers. These bands generally play songs which have already been released and which has gained popularity amongst the people. It is believed that the commercial value of a song increases proportionally with the number of times it is being sung by a cover band.

Cover Bands Hire provides a good avenue to get exposure for the young and budding talents. This is because they can market themselves well with the help of those songs which are already popular and hit amongst crowd. This way they can commercially offer themselves by playing at small parties, weddings, official parties etc. they acquire the name of wedding bands, party bands or corporate band depending upon the place where they are playing.

Though general people have a belief that cover bands have no originality of their own and perform only songs which have been already composed and sung by some other artist and therefore there is really no talent of their own, but such a thought is not at all correct. These bands by cover band hire only makes themselves popular and accepted by the people and then after they have gained the recognition they were looking for they start composing their own music and songs. This way they are in a better position to launch themselves successfully. Rolling Stones is a perfect example of this type of cover band.

A Cover band hire can be of two kinds. One is tribute cover band hire and the other is decade cover band hire. A cover band hired which plays live music i.e. the cover versions of the songs of a particular decade is called decade cover band. That is it picks up an era, say the ’60’s or whichever, according to your preference and plays popular songs belonging to that era.

Tribute cover bands hired on the other hand play the songs of a particular band or artist just as a gesture to pay tribute to the same. But it has to be seen that all the guests attending the party like the music or the song of the artist to whom the songs are dedicated to. Thus, a Pink Floyd evening or a Michael Jackson gig belong to this category.

In cover band hire, get the best band information from your friends and relatives who have attended parties where that band has played. Other sources are the yellow pages and the net. Since the last two are a bit risky, in case of internet sources make sure you visit the website of the band and have look at the clippings of their performances at other party. You can read reviews and get details of their performances and see whether it matches your criteria. The owners of the venue where they have performed can also provide you with unbiased opinions regarding the band.

After the cover band hire, make sure that the venue you have hired have facilities to play live bands. Checkout the sound limits and till what time the venue permits the playing of a band and schedule your party accordingly. Check out for other logistical needs and sit down with the band to decide upon the songs that are to be played by them. Everything set and done your program is all ready to become a sure hit of the season.