Wedding Music Bands – Quality Entertainment

So you want entertainment for your wedding that is different and better than hiring a cheesy DJ? Then why not hire a band instead? Wedding music bands can provide professional entertainment that is tailored to your tastes.

Wedding music bands can play any kind of music you request. If you have certain songs you want them to play, be sure to tell them upfront so they can learn them before the event. A good band should be more than willing to learn any songs you want.

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Typically a wedding music band will play popular music with all ages from the 1960s through to current songs in the charts. Most songs played are pop, rock, soul or jazz music and the style tends to be bands will cover songs in their own style. Some groups can even be tribute acts which will play music from your favourite band.

Once you know what kind of music you want played at your wedding, it is time to start interviewing wedding music bands. How do you go about doing that? A good place to start is by searching on the internet using Google.

It is probably a good idea to steer clear of cheap bands. Instead, search for experienced wedding music bands that have a website or page on MySpace or Facebook. They should have mp3s or videos that you can use to sample their style.

Most bands will be with a reputable agent. As with any serious purchase you should check out any past reviews the band have got and if you cannot find any ring some of the previous venues they have been to, that way you will have some idea of how good they are.

You may be surprised at the cost quoted by good wedding music bands, but remember, the music and reception is a part of your wedding too and is something you will remember for the rest of you life. You don’t want to skimp on the entertainment.

There is more to arranging your wedding music than just booking the band. First of all, you need to make sure the venue you have selected is a good fit for a live band and that they are licensed for live music.

One you have determined the songs you want and that the venue is a good one for a live band, it is time to book your chosen band. Remember, most good wedding music bands are going to be booked well into the future so you don’t want to wait until the last minute or you might miss out. For the mother dance and the father dance, similar music can actually be used. Both dances are thanking the parents; therefore the music should be thanking the parents as well. Music for the celebration should be a wide variety, since your guests will also be all ages and have very many different music variations that they like. These songs can be anything from an Abba song, to a Justin Timberlake song, or even if you want a song from Queen.

More of a laid back song can be used when cutting the cake or a funny song that plays with the idea such as “Cut The Cake” by Average White Band can be used. And how amusing would it be to have the song “Wild Thing” by Tone Loc plays as the groom strips off the garter. The bouquet toss can take on a different approach. An amusing song such as “Girls Just Want To Have Fun” by Cyndi Lauper can play, or a softer song may be selected.

As the celebration comes to an end, a song for the last dance should be played as well. The guests are leaving, and the couple will be beginning a new life together. A song for goodbye to the guests, but hello to a new life would be a perfect song. “Last Dance” by Donna Summer would be a good song for this. But overall just remember to play music that you like, because in the end this is your day, and you’ll remember every piece of it. Remember it with good background music!