Picking Out The Right Wedding Music

The wedding is a very crucial and special event in one’s life. It does not matter whether you, your daughter, your son or your loved one is getting married. It is crucial to make this special day unforgettable. Live wedding music is one such aspect that will make the marriage ceremony joyous and memorable. This type of entertainment program in the wedding will also leave long lasting impressions on the guests. Good wedding music will play a different style is a versatile as well as significantly complement the reception. This is also considered as a professional manner for entertaining the guest. When you are looking for live music performance in the wedding, it will mainly depend on the age as well as the type of the guest you are inviting. Moreover, it is also crucial to consider the theme of the wedding.For things to be easier for you when it comes to picking out songs for your wedding, have these in mind:

What are the songs that have marked the special moments with your fiance? This is pretty much easy. You have your “official” song as a couple; you have that song they played during your first date, the song that was playing when he proposed to you and so on. These are the basic choices for your wedding music.

What is the music that both of you like? Even if you and your partner belong to different spectrums when it comes to musical tastes, there must be some songs that the both of you love. It can be the soundtrack of the romantic movie that you have both seen. Or the songs on the CD that you have given him, or he had given you.

Choose songs together. There is nothing in the book that says the bride should do the choosing alone. If both of you are undecided about the kind of music or what songs to use, you can go to a record store and listen to different records together. Chances are you’ll find fresh tunes that both of you like.

What kind of songs that can make you feel romantic? It may not be a part of your times together, but it can be a song that you just love listening to.

Take note of what other couples use for their weddings. Although wedding music is something personal, you might want to take cues from the songs used in your best friend’s or cousin’s wedding. You might hear something that you have not imagined using for your wedding before.

Do research. There are countless sources on the internet discussing the top wedding songs of all time. They include the songs that your grandparents love but still transcend generations. Classic love songs from artists like Nat King Cole, Frank Sinatra and Nina Simone are staples of weddings around the world. They are the type of wedding music that everyone can relate to.

Ask for recommendations. Ask friends and relatives about what they think are the best wedding songs for them. The best recommendations can come from musicians, especially those who perform for weddings. They can tell you the classic songs, the most popular ones and pieces that you might like based on the tastes of you and your fiance.

Most importantly, remember the song that made you fall in love with each other in the first place. There is nothing more romantic, more magical and more efficient as wedding music than the one that defined your love and your relationship.

The Best Wedding Music

A wedding is a very important event in a couple’s life. It signifies the start of their life from two individuals into one. It is especially important, if it’s your wedding. That is why making it perfect is top priority, especially if you really intend to make it a once in a lifetime event. Aside from the elegant gowns, food, decorations and themes, one thing that you also need to prepare is the music for your very special day.

In choosing the wedding music to have for your day, the first thing that you have to consider is the song that you will be playing as the guests arrived in the designated wedding venue. This is also called as the prelude melody. Why is this important? It is important because it serves as the mood setter or the introduction as your guests arrive. It is important that you choose a type of music which can lighten up the atmosphere and make your guests feel at ease and relaxed.

The next part of the wedding where you need to have music ready as well is when the bride and the bridal party arrive at the wedding venue. This is also known as the processional melody. During this event, the music that should be played should be solemn. Also, it should be different from the prelude melody to denote that the ceremony is about to start and make the guests aware about this.

After the processional melody, it is followed by the music that is played as the bride walks down the aisle. Although there is a traditional tune in which is often being played for the bride’s march, you can opt to use another music or song. If you don’t feel like using the traditional tune, then you should find one that you think suits best for the occasion.

In order for you to have the best wedding music for the different parts of your wedding day, there are things that you should consider doing. First is the music selection. You’ll need to choose different songs that will be played on your wedding day. You should create a list of songs that you want to be played within the different parts of your wedding.

There are times when you may get confused which songs you’d like to be played or in which part do you want them to be played. During times like this, professionals are quite helpful. Wedding coordinators may not be able to choose the songs that you’d like, but they can give you valuable suggestions on when to have them played. Also, if you are planning to have your songs played by professional musicians, you should pick them out early on. This can allow them to practice the songs that you have chosen and how they can deliver it perfectly during your wedding day.

Keep in mind that the songs or music that you select should flow smoothly through the different parts in the wedding. You should also remember to have fun when choosing the right kind of songs and music for your wedding day.

Do You Need A Live Party Band?

Party Band 1

A party band refers to a live music band performing at a party to give it an extra special touch. Thus, be it a birthday party, wedding, anniversary or any celebration like birth of your first baby, a promotion, graduation, a car rally win or even a friends get together without a specific reason, delicious platters and a live party band is all it takes to make your party a smashing success.

The most common method to choose a party band is going by the genre of music it plays. Thus, if you are having a get together with friends, and all of you love rock, then the party band will be a rock band. On the contrary if all you want to do is to put your hair down and dance like crazy to shrug off all your tensions and worries in life, then a dance party band playing the latest chart topping pop hits, punk or disco is what you need.

Now, if you want to do something different in your party this time apart from going via the mundane ‘which – genre – do- you- like’ method, you can be creative in choosing your party band to make it happen. Below are some new party band ideas to give your party that ‘different’ and ‘special’ feel.

Firstly, instead of a rock or pop genre, one can hire a tribute band. For instance, if your guests are fond of country music, you might have a ‘John Denver’ evening, hiring a party band who can play all Denver songs as a tribute to the great man. Thus, a tribute to Michael Jackson, Beatles, etc is a good idea for your party.

The second idea would be to have a decade party band playing songs from a particular decade. Suppose it’s your dad’s birthday you are celebrating, you might as well have a ’60’ band playing oldies. Likewise, you can also have a Retro decade party band or a ’90’s band playing numbers to which you and your friends had shaken a leg or two during your childhood days.

A third novel idea would be to have a karaoke party band. Now, this will surely bring in a lot of fun and cheer with the band playing the musical and instrumental karaoke part to which you and your guests can sing yourselves. Getting good singer friends on to the stage or even not so good ones for that matter can make the entire evening a fun filled and memorable one.

The fourth idea in which your hired party band has a major role to play is if you have a themed party. Be it a beach party, or an old barn fall party, a backyard barbeque or a Halloween one, hire a party band that comes dressed accordingly and set the mood by playing music corresponding to the theme in order to make it come alive. For any kind of a themed party, be it a private one or a grand wedding or the like, the party band is who makes the theme prominent along with the décor.

Thus, as a conclusion it can be said that, whatever kind of party you are having, hiring a live party band can make all the difference. Be sure to check out logistical details like whether your venue has a music license or not, the sound limits specified, if any, and other logistical details like power supply, parking space, etc so that everything can be planned well before hand for making your party the talk of the town in the coming season.

The Only Way To Hire a Live Band

When planning for a party such as a wedding party, birthday party, a corporate party etc. The person organizing the party is often posed with the problem that on what basis the music band should be hired. The common answers which come in are generally – hire band according to your budget, hire one according to your preferences in music, hire band according to the theme of the party or the kind of party you are arranging, etc This will only leave you completely confused without any proper solution to the problem.

Thus, hire band keeping in mind two things – one is your music preference and the other is the type of party you are arranging for. Budget however should not be a deciding factor as that may lead to total disaster of the party you are arranging for. But if still budget is something you are thinking about then try and get the beast band and reduce the number of musicians in it if required.

Hire band according to your music preferences i.e. what music would you like to be played at your party. If you want a dance party where your guests shake a leg or two on the beats of the drums, then hire band that can make the crowd groove and go mad on the dance floor. Again if the music preference is soft and soothing just to give a background score for the party, hire band that will set the mood of the party by its light instrumentals.

So, in case you are going by the music preference way, hire bands which specialize in a particular genre of music like heavy metal, soft romantic numbers, rock and roll, blues, old pop, punk rock, death metal, revival, folk music, soft rock, etc.

Secondly, the music bands can also be hired on the basis of the type of party you are having. Infact, today the music bands actually advertise themselves saying that they specialize in some specific kinds of parties or events. Like some specializes is playing in wedding parties while the others are expert in playing at corporate events.

To illustrate this further, a wedding ceremony is an occasion when people of all ages and backgrounds are invited. These people have different tastes for music. Thus, while choosing the band you should see that the band is able to cater to the needs of all the guests. So a music band playing at the wedding party should be versatile enough to play old hits to the recent chartbusters making sure that the flow of the music is smooth and matches the mood of the party. Soft romantic songs could be played or special music pieces during special moments like when the couple kisses each other and when the bride walks down making the wedding touching and emotional.

Again, in cases of birthday parties hire bands that can fill the air with fun and joy making the day special for the birthday guy. They need to interact with the crowd, spread cheer, and play dance numbers so that everyone puts their hair down, and has a gala time n the dance floor altogether.

Thus, it is either of these two things that should be taken into consideration while hiring a music band, one is the genre of music you want for your party and the other is whether the band is a specialized one in your kind of an event. Having hired the band on such solid grounds, your basic work is done and you don’t have any worries anymore for the grand finale.

What Is A Cover Band?

The activity of a cover band hire is all about hiring a live music band that plays cover songs. That is, the cover band generally sings the newer versions of the old hit songs or songs which are already very popular amongst people.

So we can say that a cover band hire means you hire a cover band to play the cover music, cover versions for your party. Cover music in general terms are called covers. These bands generally play songs which have already been released and which has gained popularity amongst the people. It is believed that the commercial value of a song increases proportionally with the number of times it is being sung by a cover band.

Cover Bands Hire provides a good avenue to get exposure for the young and budding talents. This is because they can market themselves well with the help of those songs which are already popular and hit amongst crowd. This way they can commercially offer themselves by playing at small parties, weddings, official parties etc. they acquire the name of wedding bands, party bands or corporate band depending upon the place where they are playing.

Though general people have a belief that cover bands have no originality of their own and perform only songs which have been already composed and sung by some other artist and therefore there is really no talent of their own, but such a thought is not at all correct. These bands by cover band hire only makes themselves popular and accepted by the people and then after they have gained the recognition they were looking for they start composing their own music and songs. This way they are in a better position to launch themselves successfully. Rolling Stones is a perfect example of this type of cover band.

A Cover band hire can be of two kinds. One is tribute cover band hire and the other is decade cover band hire. A cover band hired which plays live music i.e. the cover versions of the songs of a particular decade is called decade cover band. That is it picks up an era, say the ’60’s or whichever, according to your preference and plays popular songs belonging to that era.

Tribute cover bands hired on the other hand play the songs of a particular band or artist just as a gesture to pay tribute to the same. But it has to be seen that all the guests attending the party like the music or the song of the artist to whom the songs are dedicated to. Thus, a Pink Floyd evening or a Michael Jackson gig belong to this category.

In cover band hire, get the best band information from your friends and relatives who have attended parties where that band has played. Other sources are the yellow pages and the net. Since the last two are a bit risky, in case of internet sources make sure you visit the website of the band and have look at the clippings of their performances at other party. You can read reviews and get details of their performances and see whether it matches your criteria. The owners of the venue where they have performed can also provide you with unbiased opinions regarding the band.

After the cover band hire, make sure that the venue you have hired have facilities to play live bands. Checkout the sound limits and till what time the venue permits the playing of a band and schedule your party accordingly. Check out for other logistical needs and sit down with the band to decide upon the songs that are to be played by them. Everything set and done your program is all ready to become a sure hit of the season.